What do I do (exactly)?

In one sentence, I build your website from 0% - 100%.

Understand your vision

I'm sure you have some ideas on key elements that your site should have. I'll meet with you to discuss those as well as fill you in on the options you have. This will give me a starting point to start putting together some ideas for you.

Pitch the idea

This is the part where we take a look at your logo branded onto a couple sample pages. This will give you a first hand look at what your site would look like once complete. If we have an agreed upon look, this is the time that we can change colors and/or move things around.

Bring it online

This is the simple part. I'll take care of all the details that it requires to make this happen. I'll change the necessary files associated with your domain name as well as any other details including mail and so on. Once this happens, you will have complete control of your site and the server that its' hosted on.

The bottom line is that a lot of my clients simply don't have a "working" website when I start to work with them. That means that while it may have an email address for them to be contacted, the site simply is not conveying their intended message. This is very important if you want to funnel some of the online traffic into your new customer database.